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1st September 2005

We are Alive and Anime Boss Babe update!

Well I have finally decided to update the site! been so busy recently what with a new job and life in general, that and the Summer Holidays! Anyway this update is the latest addition to the Anime Boss Babes section. with the rather smart looking Inonis babe pic!

3rd July 2005

2nd Update

Well had so much to add that I forgot some last night (yes I was up late!).
We have a new section by EmeraldGuardian in the FanArt section, called Anime Boss Babes!
Which is for mature people due to their Risqué nature.
There is a nice piece of FanArt of Ristar when he is a adult by Seth Garner.
And the first ever Ristar Rom editor has been made by Overlord which allows you to change text ingame! As a Result there is a new button in the Fun stuff menu for the lost rom info and editors!

1st Update

Hi all and welcome back! We have yet again had a server problem and have had downtime due to that, the domain Ristar-Cluster.com will be changed shortly please be patient!
We are back on a new server which only needs one popup ad, which is fair.
We do have the mp3s and roms back online now which is great!

Ok on with the update!

The FanArt and the Flash Sections have been updated with new work from a new Artist who goes by the name Teh Chadwick! Wonchop has done another small picture, and now has 2 galleries online which you can view Here and Here! Stiv has also submitted 2 new drawings of Ristar, and one of his possible brothers! I hope you enjoy the site being online once more, Email any new info or submissions!

27th March 2005

Happy Easter All!

We have updated the cameo's section to include the forgotten pages from the last server and also include SMC+! As you can see EmeraldGuardian has given us some more fanart. it is not in his section yet though. Also the Other version site is online now.. click here to see the new look site, as before there will be the choice between versions.

23rd March 2005

Happy Easter and Do not eat too much chocolate!!

We now have a Web Domain! http://ristar-cluster.com/ is working at the moment. www.ristar-cluster.com is to follow. Please if you see any bugs please email me so I can rectify the problem as soon as possible! Ok a few new updates. We have 3 new mp3 remixes that have been recently made. Again look in the Mp3 section for the info on them!
Coming soon is the interesting and sexy Boss Babes series of fan artwork from EmeraldGuardian so keep watching this space!
I will be working on updating the sprite sheets soon some have missing attacks like Adahan's ground wave so please be patient.

20th Febuary 2005

Ok the new server has had a major problem. So here we are on the possible new home of RC. or the very least its backup server, thanks to HXC! We also now have a Ristar Sound bank mp3 which has every sfx used ingame, in the Mp3 section. Thats right mp3s are back online!
The three Roms still need a home though.
Soon we will have alot more info on the lost info from the rom's code!

16th Febuary 2005

Additional Update: We have had a special Flash short made by Wonchop for the Anniversary, and I have added the Ristar Buster inspired game he made a while ago. Thanks Wonchop!

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY RISTAR! Thats right the game is 10 years old today. To celebrate we have a page full of odd little hidden pieces of info from inside the roms themselves. And have started the ball rolling on some Ristar Rom hacking information and guides. Soon you could be playing with stone coloured Ristar or have new title cards!

Anyway look in the new Text, Tiles and Oddities page for more info.


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