Febuary 13th 2006
Happy Valentines Day! By Djbrayster

Well We hope you like the page colours.. we thought we would get in the spirit of things this year. Hence the christmas and now valentine colours.

Ristar is getting another re-release in the shape of Sonic Mega Collection for the PC later this year.. so now you can officially own Ristar's main adventure on the Megadrive, Gamecube, Playstion 2, Xbox and PC! There is almost no excuse to miss Ristar now!

We have some updates in fanart from Wonchop. Remember if you want to submit anything email me and I'll endevour to add them in the next update!

January 19th 2006
New Game Music format added! By Djbrayster

If you have visited the game music section before you will know what a VGM is.. previously a file for playing the Sega 8bit music in Winamp at less size than a mp3. Well they have updated the plugin and format so much since that page was made it now includes the 16bit console too! Yes that's right we now have Ristar's Megadrive/Genesis music in another format other than mp3!

Now before you all go deleting your mp3s I must clarify that some tracks are not complete due to the process of getting the VGM files. Namely the hard to find tracks like Intension complete or Du-Di-Da extended. All tracks that are important have RED text underneath them.. Also YOU MUST update your plugin to the new one now hosted onsite for the Megadrive files to work, the link has been updated accordingly (Red is this update.. future updates will be of another colour).

I will be working on making the old site a link from this page.. and also try to implement the planet select somehow on this design.. as I feel its a nice little page fans like.. if you don't please tell me.. it would save me a lot of time! Hah.

January 14th 2006
Happy New Year and a new Ristar Remix! By Djbrayster

Well I hope you all had a great holiday period! Some of us had to work through the sale rush though; I thought Christmas was for families NOT the sales on boxing day!

Anyway.. This small update has a great new mix by Quinn Fox simply titled H2O. And fixed the broken link on his previous mix, Sorry about that all!

Oh if you haven't noticed the old style site isn't being updated anymore. I haven't got the time to update 2sites anymore. So the old site will be getting a button somewhere soon and be there for archival purposes.. Also I love the planet select I laboured on getting working correctly on that site!

So.. Yeah enjoy the site all.. Take care.

December 24th 2005
Whoops! been a long time since last update! By Djbrayster

Sorry to those who visit the site. I got a new job and as a result I had a huge cut in free time! I had a update planned for Halloween but even that was not possible! I am so sorry. but let me make it up to you all.

Today is xmas eve. and I have pressies for you all!

I got the Sega Megadrive Super Medley in the post recently. and as a result I have a Ristar related mp3 sample for you all. as well as three new Fan made Ristar mp3s!

EmeraldGuardian has added another Boss babe and also there is a Halloween pic in his Holiday fanart section.

Have a great Xmas all! take care on that egg nog!

September 1st 2005
We are Still alive! and Boss Babe update!
Well I have finally decided to update the site! been so busy recently what with a new job and life in general, that and the Summer Holidays! Anyway this update is the latest addition to the Anime Boss Babes section. with the rather smart looking Inonis babe pic!
July 3rd 2005 (2nd update)
New FanArt and Rom Editing Tools!

Well had so much to add that I forgot some last night (yes I was up late!).
We have a new section by EmeraldGuardian in the FanArt section, called Anime Boss Babes! which is for mature people due to their Risqué nature.
There is a nice piece of FanArt of Ristar when he is a adult by Seth Garner.
And the first ever Ristar Rom editor has been made by Overlord which allows you to change text ingame! Have fun!

July 3rd 2005
Back online and new FanArt and Flash!

Hi all and welcome back! We have yet again had a server problem and have had downtime due to that, the domain Ristar-Cluster.com will be changed shortly please be patient! We are back on a new server which only needs one popup ad, which is fair. We do have the mp3s and roms back online now which is great!

The FanArt and the Flash Sections have been updated with new work from a new Artist who goes by the name Teh Chadwick! Wonchop has done another small picture, and now has 2 galleries online which you can view Here and Here! Stiv has also submitted 2 new drawings of Ristar, and one of his possible brothers! I hope you enjoy the site being online once more, Email any new info or submissions!

March 28th 2005
All the complete sections are up now! By Djbrayster
Fixed some of the errors in previous pages and also made the site a bit more politically correct. All areas should work now except the FAQ. I will add more pages/info when we get it! this goes on both site versions. Enjoy!
if there are any broken links please.
March 27th 2005
HAPPY EASTER! By Djbrayster

From all of us at Ristar Cluster!
March 27th 2005
Half of the sections up on this site version! By Djbrayster
Now more sections are up. the 8bit section is at 70% completion. I need some images to finish that section. The Research section is up as is the Miscellaneous section. The Research section is also complete.