Planets - 16 Bit // Automaton / Rewope // Bonus

Times are not applicable in the screenshots. No emails saying "I can do that level faster!", please.
These images were taken after a few attempts... Trying to play the game AND press shift + backspace for a clean snapshot is not easy! Especially with a 1 minute time limit.

Bonus Area 1:

A nice easy one after the struggle that can be level 5-2's Bonus! Bounce from trampoline to trampoline until you can swing around the pole to the other side where you have to swing and avoid the trampolines until the very bottom where you can grab the Treasure as you bounce! To stop yourself from wasting time and soaring too high, grab a wall to kill your momentum!

bonus 6-1 pic 1 bonus 6-1 pic 2
bonus 6-1 pic 3 bonus 6-1 pic 4

Bonus Area 2:

The final Bonus area... and the most frustrating one!
You start off with a nice wall to try to climb... but these gems on the floor are too smooth to grab!
You need to use precise grabbing skills to grab the walls and poles that are at the full extent of Ristar's reach! Once you get past two sets of walls you need to grab from island to island until you can grab the horizontal pole and then reach the Treasure.
When you can do this Bonus, there is nothing Ristar cannot do with your help!

bonus 6-2 pic 1 bonus 6-2 pic 2
bonus 6-2 pic 3 bonus 6-2 pic 4
bonus 6-2 pic 5

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