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This world was completely taken over by Greedy and was covered in gleaming metal. Towers constantly pump out smoke, and from sea to sea it is only factories and skyscrapers. It is unknown what was the original culture and nature of this planet, and thanks to Greedy, perhaps we never will.


Coil Robot Coil Worm - This robot moves along the ground by flipping its body over and over like a slinky. It will occasionally stop and sit on one side to fire multitude of energy blasts straight up, so they drop around the area. When hit, it will spit into two smaller forms, both of which act the same as the original.

Spiked Handed Robot Mace-handed Robot - This robot is very scarecrow-like in nature, and will shift its weight from left to right to lift and drop its spike-ball hands, blocking the way.



Blaster ScoutBlaster Scout - This speedy little creature will appear and hover in the air for a couple of seconds, investigating the area and locating possible target with built-in camera, and then fly away. A second later it will suddenly return, zip by, fire three plasma beams and then speed off again, only to repeat the process over and over.

Heli bot Heli-bot - This odd little 'bot will hover from side to side, and can be held onto to ride around on. It seems to serve no other purpose and is incapable of attacking.

Shelled Robot Shelled Robot - This armored creature is more than meets the eye. While at first it sluggishly floats around, after its armor is hit off, it reveals the spring-like inner body that bounces around the room.

Missile LauncherMissile Launcher - This mobile turret will fire missles (which can be grabbed and thrown) from a vantage point. If the barrel is damaged, it will blindly skitter around in an attempt to attack.

Needle Handed GuardNeedle-handed Guard - This bulky guard has an armor so strong it cannot be defeated by normal means. Hits will only cause it to recoil and fire one of its needle-like hands. However, its back is quite weak, so if you can make it recoil on some sort of obstacle (like a wall, for example), you will destroy the Guard.

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