Planets - 8 Bit // Bonus Areas

In the 8 bit version, there are no Treasures. There are Bonus rounds though, which are accessed via the collection of the Small Blue Planets. There is one in each level barring the boss levels. If both are collected for the planet you are on, you are sent to the bonus area after defeating the boss. There is only one area where this is not the case - Greedy's Space City (Planet Greedy in the 8 bit version).

blue planet

The task is the same for each Bonus area. You have to collect all 200 big stars without falling out of the area.

up a chamber

don't miss the planets at the bottom! grab the star pole!

Collect the stars.

bouncy bouncy

get the stars! reaching new heights

Bounce on the planets.

light-hearted fun don't miss the pole! spinning around

Grab the poles.

You don't get anything rather than bonus points for getting a perfect.
Getting a perfect in every bonus and then defeating Greedy doesn't unlock anything either.

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