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Ristar was once again given a cameo in an very rare and obcure Sega game. Called SGGG this game saw you trying to help sega make a awesome new game to help them beat the other game developers on the market.. like what sega are now in real life then!
interestingly the intro shows some young people learn about the history of sega and play some games.. and a few jump out of the screen.
Ristar is in this short 3sec max section! Along with a few other sega characters; Clockwork Knight, Nei (Phantasy Star 2), Solo Wing (Panzer Dragoon) and they couldn't forget Sonic the Hedgehog!

(Click for larger version)

It is unknown due to the obscure nature and little info on this game if there is any other ristar related cameos. but aparrently Ristar is one of the games made in this game.
Also Alex Kid is apparently a playable ally and the Piko hammer of Amy Rose is an item.

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