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This page is for the passwords and codes for the Ristar games...

16 Bit Version:

N/A means the code is a easter egg-type code. It doesn't do anything of practical use and is just a bit of fun!

Note: If a code is not 6 letters long like SUPER, then any character can be added after the password and it will still work! A well known example is SUPERB, but another could be AGESAD instead of AGES.

Code Effect Active JPN/Asian Active US/PAL
AAAAAA No Continue limit Yes No
AGES Copyright info is displayed. N/A Yes Yes
CANDY Invincibility Yes No
DOFEEL Time Attack mode Yes Yes
active all at once
Yes No

Reverses the High Score in Demo mode. For example, the intital High Score of 1000 pts is now a Worst Score of 99999900 pts! N/A

Yes Yes
ILOVEU Stage select Yes Yes
MACCHA Changes Greedy's stage to a Golden yellow instead of the bronze orange! N/A Yes No
MAGURO Onchi Music mode and credits' music in sound test. Yes Yes
MASTER Mentions Next Story. N/A Yes No
MIEMIE Hidden items' grab points are shown with a blue star. Yes Yes
MUSEUM Boss Rush mode Yes Yes
STAR A shooting star goes across the background. N/A Yes No
SUPER Super Hard mode Yes Yes
VALDI Shows the Solar System. N/A Yes No
XXXXXX Clears/Deactivates the current password. Yes Yes


8 Bit Version:

Although there are 2 version, to a degree, the codes work in both regions.

The Codes KUMI, YAKORA, 999999 and README were discovered by Djbrayster within the rom data, and he sent the codes to GameFAQs with a site link... Which they didn't post... But at least it says "submitted by Djbrayster".

The level codes were found by choosing not to continue a game on the continue screen.
The other codes were found inside the rom and were previously unknown until we found them first!

Code Effect Active
JYUN Start on Round 2 (Fanturn/Terra) Yes
MITO Start on Round 3 (Neuos/Sonata) Yes
KAKO Start on Round 4 (Timu/Freon) Yes
MIHOU Start on Round 5 (Rewope/Automaton) Yes
RYUJYU Start on Round 6 (Greedy's Space City/Planet Greedy) Yes

Shows the end sequence and credits


"Debug mode"

Level Skip:

Pause game and to skip a level hold Button 2 and unpause.

Stage Select:

Pause the game and hold Button 2 and Up and unpause. Button 1 goes back a level, Button 2 goes forward a level, Start plays the level.

999999 Possible Hard mode... Currently not known how is entered. No
README Disabled. From the rom's data we know it would give a message "READ DOCUMENT" Possibly used for RAM printout while in development. No

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