The Research // Feel (Prototype)

Originally discovered by ICEKnight, Feel is the prototype version of Ristar.
Recently another scan was discovered by Jan from (in the links section).

This is the article found by Jan, click the image for the full size version.

Feel magazine scan!

From this we can see that the intro to the planets was slightly different with the little sprite possibly waving at the player. What is good is the fact this article has three new pictures from the game! Something odd is the jpg was damaged somewhere in transfer and the bottom is slightly off, but theplanet intro has some kind of garbled info. which is not in any other screenshot. What that is, is unknown but it is worth noting. A translation will be made soon. hopefully I can get in touch with Jan again.

Now The following screenshots were found in a Spanish videogame magazine and were kindly donated to us by ICEKnight, who originally posted the images for their Sonic Team relation..
Look in the Links page for a link to his site.

Also, at the bottom of the page are the lost Feel tiles that were still in the final version!

Please note: these images have been cropped and resized by the magazine. They are all at odd dimensions and some are at very odd contrast and brightness levels. The final screenshots were taken using the level select cheat for ease. So the scores do not relay any correspondence except for one pic.

Feel title screen. Very different and kinda funky with the neon lights and the telephone cord!

Planet Flora/Neer. Notice the palette of the background has more yellow tones to it, also, the yellow bushes in the background are never that close, and there are less of the small leaves too in Ristar.
Oddly, the Orblet's eyes look less angry for some reason.
The scan was cut on the right-hand side as gets clearer from the other shots.

Riho battle! Nothing much different other than the palette and the health and life icons.
Also notice that the camera is set higher and more to the right in the final.
Showing more of the boss arena.

A very empty-looking Undertow/Leatow scene. The BG is completely different, there are no Incan-like pyramids. Also, it seems the depth-darkness effect was not implimented yet, because in the final this section is deep underwater and is darker! The buildings are more green/blue than pink as in the final. However, it's a clear view of the life and health icons.

The brightness is high in this shot.
Scorch/Onaclove was almost the same.

This is how we know the brightness was high in the previous pic, although now it's too dark!
Note: the pully is on the other side in the final.

Freon/Elykiki was changed quite a bit in the final...
A lot of differences for this one: there are no ice flowers on the left and right, the crystal is yellow, not green; and there is a hole shooting a jet of snow! This was not in the final anywhere!
Note: the palette is different because of the contrast issues again.

Hurrah! He could still make a snowman, but notice the absence of the ladder handles. Also, what is that yellow dot?
Too small to be a gem from the final and is way too small for an enemy!
And the contrast is odd in this pic, like in the Scorch pair.

Automaton/Rewope had a completely different background... There are no hazy clouds!
The orange/red structures were slightly different in the final too, and that grey tower is completely different! And the flooring under the spiked gears is also different.
Also note that in the final there is an enemy that cannot be passed without being destroyed.
So in Feel Automaton was not finished, unlike Flora and Scorch.
I wonder why poor Feel only had a one hit limit in each shot! Super Hard mode might already be implemented in this beta.

I Feel Like a Leftover!

The US/PAL rom has been looked at for missing or unused sprites, and a small set of sprites for the score and life icon were found. The set below was found by ICEKnight.

feel stuff feel life

And while I (Djbrayster) was looking for some sprites in Gens, I noticed some odd tiles.

Now, what we have here are some tiles that are loaded in Gens every level.
There is a Ristar life icon with eyes closed, which was not used because of the waving finger.
But what is odd is the slightly different Health Star icon. Now, comparing them to the screenshots above, especially with the other darker boarder version, leads to the conclusion that these different stars are the health gauge for Feel! We have a complete set! Life icon, life and score counters and the health gauge!

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