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This page is for all the flash animated movies and cartoons we get. Quite a few are parodies of other games like Pokemon and various fighting games, other are just plain fun stories.


By Billy Cass

This is a personal battle for Ristar for living in DH's shadow in many reviews! Can our hero beat the string less puppet?
A fun parody of Pokemon which has a whole host of in jokes from many games! This is a "Roke" battle between Ristar and Dynamite Headdy.

Ristar Vs. Dynamite Headdy

Ristar Vs Dynamite Headdy
By Billy Cass

Once again these two go head to head.. this time quite literally! Does Ristar have the upper hand or can headdy win by a nose?! This is a very funny flash and once "The End" appears wait a few secs to see a funny addition!

Headdy the THEIF
By Billy Cass

Heh headdy just cannot keep away from Ristar!
This time he is stealing his car! Does Headdy get away?
Watch this fun car chase and look out for the Kirby parody
and the good advice when leaving your car anywhere...


At home with... Ristar and Headdy
By Wonchop (DeviantART, SheezyArt)

This is the misadventures of Ristar and Headdy sharing a house together. Can they really get along?
This flash has a VERY loud song played at the start but otherwise it is a fun and quirky flash movie.


Ristar Tetris
By Wonchop (DeviantART, SheezyArt)

This was inspired by our very own Ristar Bustar hoax. the game is quite good and although it has a minimalist feel to the graphics and a few bugs it is well done.
A very cool flash game.


Ristar's Anniversary Gift
By Wonchop (DeviantART, SheezyArt)

This is a funny short made especially for the 10th Anniversary. I like the humour in it. A very original parody.

Ristar Commercial Project
By Teh Chadwick

This is awesome commercial for a Ristar movie that was made for a Media Technology project. He got 100/100 for this.. which is great going! The movie isn't actually being made, please no emails asking when it is going to be out!

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