Planets - 16 Bit // Flora / Neer // Bonus

Times are not applicable in the screenshots. No emails saying "I can do that level faster!", please.
You try to play the game AND press shift + backspace for a clean snapshot. It is not easy... Especially with a 1 minute time limit.

Bonus Area 1:

In the first Bonus area you have to reach the Treasure in the box at the top of this tall cavern.

bonus 1-1 pic 1 bonus 1-1 pic 2
bonus 1-1 pic 3 bonus 1-1 pic 4

Bonus Area 2:

In this area you have to reach the Treasure by swinging around the poles that are suspended in the air. Grabbing in midair is the only way to reach the Treasure.

bonus 1-2 pic 1 bonus 1-2 pic 2
bonus 1-2 pic 3

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