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Riho is a monkey-type creature that can control the body of whoever it is clinging on to. Sent to the planet Flora by Greedy, he scares the inhabitants by chasing them in the dead of night. He causes so much chaos, that the Elder makes a desperate plea for help, successfully summoning our young hero. Unfortunately, just after that Riho catches the elder.
Riho, known as the Puppet Lord, uses his control techniques and the Black Orbs that rained down on the planet when he arrived to force the Elven people to make the plants to grow out of control and block the sunlight.
Although Riho can possess the mind of a host he cannot do much else on his own other than throw things such as berries at intruders. It's said that he is extremely fast when on foot, and can jump out of enemy's reach!

Planet Elder

The Elder Riho has the ability to control the forest around him. He can create a spiral of leaves that trap his foe and call a breeze that showers razor-sharp flowers.

Top Tip: When Riho is at the top of the screen he sways up and down... When he is at his lowest you can grab him, thus, stopping him from dropping the razor flowers and getting a great time!



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