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Flora is a lush, green land of many species of flora and fauna. Hundreds of creatures must inhabit this exquisite world of beauty, but only a handful turn up in our research. Unfortunately, names have never been uttered in all of the research, so we do our best to keep things short.


Elven-like Species - This species is obviously the most intelligent of all on Flora. They are bipedal, they use weapons, craft clothing and have a stable government. They're a very religious race, have magical abilities to control the plants, and run on a government in which the Elder is the leader.

rabbit Rabbit-like Species - This species resembles a rabbit, although what would be ears almost seem to be antennae. They live in the explosive spore bushes, and only attack if their space is intruded on.

female owl male owl Owl-like Species - This species resembles an owl. It has a mask, most likely composed of calcium and phosphorus (like the shells of lobsters and other crustaceans on Earth.) They are extremely territorial and will often attack a possible enemy, using the three crown-like points on their masks in a dive bomb fashion, just for coming near their territory.
The male of the species has more of a crown than a mask and is more vicious, the female has an expressionless face to conceal its aggressive nature.

lizzard Lizard-like Species - This species behaves in a very peculiar manner. It will sit and wait for something to stroll into its territory, and then it will lash out, wait for a moment and then jump away. It seems to have a one-track mind of attacking and running.

squirrel Flying Squirrel-like Species - This species closely resembles that of a flying squirrel. It, like many species on Flora, is territorial. It holds explosive seeds of some kind (probably, the ones of the explosive spore bushes) in its folded skin, and will drop them on bypassers.

bat Bat-like Species - This species closely resembles a bat. It seems to act in the same way as the flying squirrel, but only when the squirrel is not around. It is believed they share the job of protecting their habitat in a rarely seen co-operation symbiosis.

Armored Tree Snake - This giant snake lives in the hollows of large trees and uses tunnels within the tree to move around and surprise its prey. It will curiously look around before it moves to another hole among the roots of the tree.

palm treespiked palm tree


Palm Tree - This gangly-looking tree is common across Flora. Even though it is thin and twig-like, it can grow numerous spike-like branches on one side, normally on the side the sun hits most. This helps it grow faster than relying on its rather small leafy top.


spore bush

Explosive Spore Bush - This bush, which is mostly leaf, has very thin branches, making it very easy to walk through. However, the spores contained in the leaves will stick to many things, and will explode after a few moments of being disturbed.

Hovering Flytrap - This plant actually hovers in midair using fast-moving rotor-like leaves. It is Venus Flytrap-like in structure, as it will open and eat anything coming within too close contact.

seed Giant Seedlings - These giant seedlings resemble many species of plants on Earth, whose seeds use fluff as a parachute to get to different places. These are quite strong and can carry a considerable weight.

spiked bush Spiked Bush - These plants seem to be cactus-like in structure, except for their obviously much thicker spikes.

light tree

Light Tree - This species has a type of bioluminescent substance in its leaves. It can be triggered naturally or with a few knocks on the surface. It emits a soft purple light, leading many to think it uses hydrogen gas as a light 'ingredient'.

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