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Time Hopper
(unofficial name)

Time Hopper is apparently some kind of robot guardian of the Hourglass Chamber in the core of Clockwork Castle. His limbs are actually slinky springs, which gives him extra jumping power, so he can jump very high and land safely on his bouncy tail. On his chest he keeps a magical stopwatch, which allows him to actually freeze time! While his opponents are motionless, he can do whatever he wants with them!
The stopwatch also works as an weapon for Hopper, allowing him to shoot plasma balls out of it, usually in a series of three. However, after this the watch needs to be recharged, and the time freezing wears off. He seems to hop to the top of the hour glass to recharge after the plasma ball attack. Though, it is unknown if his time-freezing trick works outside the Hourglass Chamber.

Top Tip: Don't get trapped between a wall and his tail bounces! Grab him before he gets you!

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