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Timu has its own selection of unique enemies. Some are as mysterious as the gigantic clocks themselves!
Remember, though, it's not only the enemies that are dangerous.
Spiked gears and timed mines are also rife throughout Timu.
Though Ristar is unable to swim in this adventure, he can jump higher than expected!


magician Magicians - these mysterious foes can only be encountered on Timu. It would seem like they are the natural inhabitants of this planet, however, their way of attack is basically turning inanimate objects like Big Stars into Orblets! Which leads us to a theory, that they are minions of Greedy, possibly, even his disciples! Except for the already mentioned ability to make Orblets appear, the magicians also possess the power of teleportation.

dynamiter Dynamiter - it is unknown if these are living organisms or some sort of reanimated objects.
They don't look like the actual living beings, more like dynamite sticks of some sort.
They move around by performing high jumps or hanging off balloons, and blow themselves up on contact with the enemy, or just after some time passes.

calm blowfishmad blowfish Timu Blowfish - due to the almost identical climate of the two planets, Timu blowfish closely resembles Freon blowfish. However, their behaviour is different. First of all, Timu blowfish are not in their "armored" state constantly. But any form of attack will cause them to poke out their spikes and slowly, but stubbornly chase the attacker. Since their body covering is basically impregnable, it's better to just avoid them.

space pirate Space Pirates - these are pretty common minions of Greedy. They look and attack very simularly to adult warrior bipeds from planet Freon. Which brings us to the conclusion, that they may actually be Freonians recruited into Greedy's army. As said before, they attack in similar pattern, only instead of parachute bombs they throw orblets around.

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