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This page is for the secret techniques and hints for the Ristar games...

General Techniques

Meteor Skimming - This technique is useful for elongating meteor strike's time. Simply go into a wall and bounce along it by holding the diagonal that goes towards the surface and forward. If you are lucky, you can bounce of a wall at an angle that allows you to skim across the ceiling infinitely if you hold up! Useful for one of the Bonus rounds and is really funny to pull off and show your mates the insane noise that occurs!

Never underestimate Ristar's max grab length! You can literally swing from one area to another by grabbing at the right moment. Practice grabbing at the maximum height of your jump or even try to swing from a branch or horizontal pole, you will be surprised at how far you can reach!
This ability to use Ristar's full potential can allow you to defeat bosses like Riho in 34 seconds without even having a razor flower dropped!

Some walls contain hidden items that are released when the wall is hit in a certain place. Finding these walls can be a pain but you are usually rewarded by a star or a gem or even 1UPs. Beware, though, for some of them give out orblets!
But a few are set to randomly give out one of those items once per life (or even twice if you enter the Bonus area). A good example of this is the second big tree in 1-2, the one you will see if you take the top route of the level. Grab the base of the tree to get either a golden star, a jewel, an extra life or an orblet!

Planet Tips

Scorch/Onaclove has some hidden treasures literally raining from the sky. The catch?
You have to literally catch the fireballs, which constantly rain on the ground as a result of volcano eruptions! You can get a golden star, a blue star, a life or the traditional dud item, the decoy statue! You can only receive up to 5 items per life (or 10 if you enter the Bonus round). Trying to catch the fireballs is a big gamble, because you are more likely to be hit by them or another one straight after! The Japanese version's Hyper mode disables this bonus feature.

hiddeen items

Nice items, bad situation! Poor Ristar!

Sonata/Neuos has a neat trick for the triple bobbing bird mid-boss. If you are fast and close enough to the head's landing point, you can get two, even three hits in per one bob to the floor! This takes a lot of practice and timing, but you can actually defeat all three heads before the main melody starts, and the Orblets appear. This does not go unrewarded!

sonata gem

A nice gem from a grateful bird you helped earlier.

Did you wonder where the frozen biped came from? If you have not seen him before, then read on!

During the snowball fight if you jump and hold down and forward (diagonal), and throw the snowball just before you land, you have a high chance of slamming the snowball across the floor straight at the defenseless biped! It doesn't cut off any hits, he still needs three hits either way, but this is a faster method of defeating him, and is a lot of fun to achieve!
Just remember: his snowballs can still hurt while he's frozen!

frozen biped

Poor fella, shouldn't had picked the fight with someone who makes a snowman with coal eyes in 5 seconds, with no access to coal!

The Handy Refills

Only two boss fight give you a chance to refill your health gauge: Awaueck and Greedy.
These can be the hardest of all the bosses, and it seems that the designers felt the same.
The boss description for Awaueck hints at this. Here is what you really need to do.


While the little bird is on the perch, a note will float above its head, and another note, and another...
Each adition to the floating notes increases the speed they circle. After 5 notes a golden star is produced and falls to the floor. This can only occur 5 times, then the notes float up out of the screen.

musical stars

The Umotomat can sing a healing melody!

And for those who are playing the 8 bit version it's even easier. When you grab the perch to knock Awaueck off, among the debris that fall down there might be a tiny star!


Greedy's refill method is a bit harder and only occurs during the early stages of the battle!
While he has a ring of Black Orbs around him, he'll throw them at you from the top of the screen.
You have two options: pace across the arena floor to foil Greedy's aim and avoiding the explosions OR use the practice from Scorch/Onaclove and grab the Orbs in midair!
Do this 4 times to get a golden star for each of the 4 Orbs you hit, and the 5th one will produce a blue star! After that, you get nothing.
The problem is grabbing the orblets that constantly reappear while the floor is littered with items!
And if the practice from Scorch wasn't handy for you, try the approach used to beat Riho in 34 seconds!

greedy stars

Poor Greedy shouldn't had made it so easy for you, should he?

More hints and techniques as they are discovered/tested.

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