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*This page was a April Fools hoax done in 2004.*

This game is very mysterious!
It was sent to me as an email attachment, and it's an unknown game as far as Google and major rom sites are concerned! Oddly enough, it's in English. This game bears a strong resemblance to Puyo Puyo. On the other hand, it seems to follow the western approach in the vein of Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Ghost Trap/Avalanche!
Oddly, the playing board is actually one level smaller. Which makes this game slightly harder than any Puyo I have played!

The rom is badly dumped and crashes when it gets to the standard "How to play" screen.
Nik The Greek is looking at the rom for me as we speak!

Start screen is much more Puyo-like than MBM was. The standard modes are present.
The playing boards look wonderful! And they change depending on the boss you are fighting!
The bosses have a few different expressions depending on how well you are doing! Again, the stages look stunning and it shows this was at the end of the life of the Megadrive.

The rom will be made avaliable eventually. But until more is known, I am not releasing it to just anyone, only to those I trust and who are capable.

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