Welcome to Ristar Cluster, the leader in Ristar the Shooting Star game research and information. This is a site devoted to rare Ristar information. Especially parts of the Ristar games that were left on the cutting room floor. This is also the home to the Major Ristar Fan Base. Now, on with the show!
August 20th 2010
We are not dead, just taking a while to redesign the site! By Djbrayster

We are not dead, I have been extremely busy recently with work and my dad.

I am still working on the website, I am trying to make the site run from a Content Management System so the site is more uniformed and easier to maintain.

I also have some pages to work on including the new cameo from Sonic and Sega Superstars Racing on XBox Live and Playstation Network for the Death Egg stage.

I am in discussion with friends to see if I can get some help in redeveloping the site's design as I am beginning to think trying to learn this from scratch is beyond the time I have avaliable at the moment. I really do apologise for this, but hope to have a better update soon.

December 9th 2009
When things go wrong, they go wrong! By Djbrayster

I am sorry for not updating for a long time!

Work was still as manic as ever, things only got worse when 2 people went off sick(and one hasn't come back), and even worse when 2 people gave their notice!

To make things even more worse, my father had a car crash and almost died! He is recovering now but it was really scary. With all this going on I have got no work done on the site!

I hope the new year will be better, then I will be finally be able to get this site the way it deserves! Thank you for your patience and I wish you all a Happy Christmas!

July 12th 2009
Still alive... By Djbrayster

Hi all, I am very busy at the moment with things offline, having someone leave the house and having to redecorate was a pain.

But I am still working on the site.

I am hoping to have the new site design done by the end of autumn, so I can then work on the site over the winter months when things should have calmed down with work.

June 8th 2009
Website back online! By Djbrayster

Only a year and a bit late!

I am really sorry for the delay in getting the site back up, I am still sorting out broken links etc and working on a completely revamp site design and style, one I hope will be easier maintain and faster.

Please keep checking over the next few months/weeks for updates, especially on the prototypes that were found a while ago!

March 24th 2008
Fanart Update and a Egg By Djbrayster

As said in yesterday's update, I have been working on a Fanart update.

Some old regulars have had some fanart added to their gallery like EmeraldGuardian and Wonchop. But there is now a gallery for new artists who only have one or two pieces sofar.
Please feel free to visit their sites by following the links in their names below the pictures.

Oh, also one of our forum members really got into the spirit of Easter and decorated a egg in the likeness of Ristar. Nice one K.K!

March 23rd 2008
Happy Easter By Djbrayster

Picture by EmeraldGuardian

Happy Easter all! Hope you have a nice holiday.

This year we have a theme for the main page. It is hard making a Green theme without plagarising Soinc Cult/X-Cult!

There are a few updates upcoming.
I am currently working on a backlog of FanArt Submissions.
But we will have them up soon.
The Prototype section has been updated with some more info noted on our forums. Which are gradually picking up, if you like the site, ristar, or want to talk with like minded people please register and start posting!
We are working on improving the look of the forums soon too.

March 15th 2008
Forums and Magazine scan By Djbrayster

Sorry for the lack of updates I am still quite busy offline.

Well a few people have contacted me since we went online asking if we would ever have a discussion forum for the site. Well long story short we got a sub forum on the server master's own forum. Register now and start sharing your Ristar related gossip, fan works and information with other like minded fans.

We currently have. 3 members of staff on the forums.
Me, Aurora and Mustapha (server master) so the more the merrier hah!

Also we have had a new magazine article sent to us which has some new official art on it previously unseen. Check out the Scans section. Thanks goes to Ben Boult on the SonicRetro Forums.

March 2nd 2008
Ristar Cluster is Back! By Djbrayster

Just over 2 years from the last update and we finally return!

I apologise for the site being offline so long, I have had things get in the way and delay my intentions of getting back online.

Ristar Prototype Roms Discovered:

As some of you may be aware recently there has been quite a few sega prototypes released at Hidden
This release included 4 megadrive Ristar prototypes and 5 GameGear protos!
This influx of research material had caused a huge demand from fans for me to bring the site back. There is a new section as a result, read it here.
Thank you all for the heads up on this development and the kind wishes for the site to come back.

I felt I couldn't ignore the requests any longer and as I have managed to be a bit more stable I am able to update more often.
So stay tuned for more research and the prototype roms in later updates.

Any bugs or submissions for other areas on the site please email me at my new contact email Djbrayster"at"


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