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Guide by EmeraldGuardian

step 1

01- Start out with a basic circle. This will of course be Ristar's head/body.

step 2

02- Sketch in guide lines. This will help to add the different features to his face.

step 3

03- Draw lines for the arms & legs. Circles for hands & ovals for feet. These will later be more detailed. Now we start on the face...two ovals are drawn for the eyes. The bottom area of each oval is turned toward each other. The horizontal guid line should be right throuh the center of the ovals. Just do your best to copy the ones in the illustration.

step 4

04- Add in pupils, eyebrows & mouth. Now erase the ovals from the horizontal guidline to the bottom. Voila! Ristar's sly looking eyes are complete.

05- Now this part is tricky. Starting on Ristar's star points. Just follow the illustration as close as possible & pratice as often as possible. And you can do this in any order you're most comfortable with, but I'll do from top to bottom. From the outside of his head, preferable near his eyebrow, Curve upwards, toward his body. When he line ends a little bit past his second eye, make an inward curve down. Stop seomwhere between his eyebrow & eye. Curve out.(It doesn't matter which way this curves, it mostly depends on Ristar's angle.) When the line is a little bit past the circle, curve outwards, down. Stop when the line is almost even with the inward angle on the top two points. Curve down, either straight or curved very slightly inward. Stop at the estimated length of the illustration and curve outwards & up back into his head. *whew* Pretty rough. The bottom point should be smallest. The top point should be longest. Now, ready for the other side? There are only two this time, hence his star shape. bewtween the outer eye & eyebrow, Make a small point pointing upwards(it can be more straight out, but preferably in the illustration.) The bottom is also quite small and is a little more noticeable for how much more upward it appears compared to the mosre visible point. YAY! You finished the hardest part!

06- Basically for this, do your best to shapen the hands, fingers & shoes. I recommend doing the feet & hands first, the shoe & love openings second & the arms & legs last. Arms & legs are basically thickened lines. The lightning patterns on his shoes go down & up once, toward the inside of his feet. The tips should almost be touching his soles. Don't forget, Ristar has only three fingers. Quite strange for a Japanese character...

07- And you did it! Your Ristar drawing is complete! Be proud that you drew a very tricky game character.

08- Just add color & he's ready to shoot off into space! This particular Ristar drawing is a bit serious looking, maybe a little much for his own good. This more sly looking style is based on most of the Japanese manual art, though there are Japanese pics of him much cuter. Try different ways of toning his appearance when you draw him. The pointyness of his star spines & the shape & size of his eyes can greatly change his appearance. Make him tough, sleek, cute, whatever you think fits him best for the situation.


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