Game Hints // Items

These are the Items available to Ristar throughout his adventure.
One table for the 16 bit game and one for the 8 bit game!

16 Bit Items

Name Image Information
Little Yellow Star (1UP) These little stars are an extra life for our young hero. Grab them at first sight!
Black Star Statue These are only found on the surface of Scorch. They are useful to set off traps set by Greedy's minions.
Golden Restore Star These restore one star on the health meter. If you have 4 stars already, grabbing this item will make it fly off and do nothing.
Blue Restore Star This star restores 3 stars on the health meter. If the meter is full, it flies away. In some game modes they are lodged in walls to indicate a hidden item.
Yellow Jewel These jewels are worth any multiple of 100 pts between 100 pts and 1600 pts and are the most common item.
Metronome These are found on Sonata and are used to keep in time with the rhythm of music. The singing birds of the planet rely on these small devices which were stolen by the invading orblets!

There are many different versions of bombs in the game. In general, all of them are like mines waiting to be mistakenly grabbed, for they often get in the way of another item or enemy.
Snowball These are easily made around the large snow drifts on Freon. They are the main weapon in challenges set by the young bipeds.
Hot Soup This soup is a special recipe of the Freonian bipeds. But it needs cooling before it can be eaten!
Antigravity Shoes These shoes are only seen in the US version, and they can allow Ristar to swim temporarily through the air! Oddly, Ristar can swim in the air in the JPN version too...
Yellow Power Crystal These are found inside the Brain Maze on Automaton. They power the teleporters by being placed in the power box nearby. These are dropped by some robots and can be pretty hard to find.
Rocket These rockets are only shot out of armoured artillery on Automaton.
These won't detonate in your hands, but remember to throw them back... After turning them around!

8 Bit Items

Name Image Information
Little Yellow Star (1UP) Same as the 16 bit game.
Big Star These stars are the most common item in the game. Collect 100 for an extra life (1UP). Collect all these stars in the bonus areas to get a perfect!
Single Star Same as the golden restore star in the 16 bit game.
Triple Star Same as the blue restore star in the 16 bit game.
Red Star This star makes Ristar move faster and spin when he jumps. He is invincible while he has this star, but it wears off after a short period of time.
Yellow Jewel Score range is currently not known if it is the same as the 16 bit version.
Spear These items are thrown by the natives, but they also leave one being once defeated. The spear can be used as a weapon, a spring and a ledge! Only on some walls though.
Balloon Used by the dynamiters to float around on, but unfortunately these are too weak for Ristar to hold on to. There is one that can take his weight though. The balloons burst after a short time.
Helmet These are left behind by the helmeted orblets and can be thrown to attack enemies above you and over long distances. If thrown on a seesaw, they can help you reach new heights!
Little Blue Planet These items are used to enter the Bonus areas. See the Planets Section for more information.
Metronome Same as the metronome in the 16 bit game.
Blue Power Crystal Same as the yellow power crystal in the 16 bit game.

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