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Here are stereo 128kbs mp3's for your download.
Intension was spliced together from the level, not the sound test.
As was the Du-Di-Da extended version.
Some are two themes joined to make them longer and also because they go together.
The bottom three files consist of the ingame sound effects, Ristar's has some combined sfx from the complete sfx bank and the Adahan one has a complete digging sfx.
All the sfx are in their original components in the Complete sound bank file though.

Shooting Ristar Dancing Leaves Splash Down!! Break Silence

Busy Flare

Under Magma Intension Full Version
*Unique from the VGM's*
Du-Di-Da (Extended)
*Unique from the VGM's*
On Parade Ring Rink
Ice Scream Crying World Lock Up Concentration Crazy Kings
Greedy Game Formation Lap.. Ready.. GO!! Ebony Force Pray!! Pray!! Play!! Go Ahead
Lets Go, Beyond Space!! Star Humming Next Cruise Once More... Fuu.. Du-Di-Da (loopable)
Ristar's Sfx
*Not in the VGM's*
Complete sfx sound bank
*Not in the VGM's*
Adahan Sfx
*Not in the VGM's*

Now thanks to the update to the VGM plugin it is possible to play both the Gamegear music AND the Megadrive music!
Here is the Megadrive VGM pack.. to be honest it sounds alot better than the Old GYM's did hence the mp3s.. This could be due to winamp though.
Pack originally found on we are merely hosting it here.


To play these songs you will need Winamp and the VGM plugin v0.34 *UPDATED PLUGIN*.
This pack was found on, we are merely hosting it here.
You will need an un zipping program to unpack these files.


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