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Do De Do Da, this track was released in 1999 on the WaveMaster album called Radio DC.
This CD was better known for its remix of the Jap/Pal Sonic CD theme.
This CD is a quirky mock radio recording which has many Sega games remixed like Burning Rangers, Sonic, Phantasy Star. all with a radio DJ talking over the intro and end of songs with funny adverts and radio sketches. one is of Crazy Taxi. although it is mainly in Japanese it is still funny.. although odd.
Djbrayster discovered in a search for Ristar related music that the same cd had the following music track DO-DE-DO-DA, and was thought to be of du-di-du-da, but as it turns out its actually On Parade!

(click image to download the mp3, and here for amended lyrics, different to the cd case's version)

This track was only obtained when the cd was Re-Released in 2004 and Djbrayster once again spent his money on his Ristar obsession.

New information has been discovered on this remix, which was triggered by IronDude finding a mp3 on DC++ of DO DE DO DA that was different. upon further research a etter copy of the mp3 was found thanks to xanadujin sharing the file. This version is a promo version from the limited edition cd "Radio DC Rare Tracks & Short Story Best Choice Recordings" and hasn't got Caterpila singing in it.. and the instruments are different. most noticable is the original MC was strange! half his lyrics are not clear and sounds like gibberish! The Ristar theme part is also slightly different. But the songs are so similar I did manage to splice together the end part to remove the blasted DJ from the final OST ver, albiet slightly different, but almost unnoticable.
Here are the links:
DO DE DO DA (Basic Arrange Edit)
DO DE DO DA Final Edited End

These Tracks are here for archival purposes. PLEASE buy the cd if you want to support more remixes for Ristar and other classic SEGA games. The place Djbrayster brought the Radio DC ost was from but WaveMaster have their own site, if you happen to live in japan. look for Sega direct.

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