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There are now two main enemies on this level. The orblets are placed here because they are the most common enemy on every planet. The pirates are also present on this level which reinforces the theory they are recruits in the army of Greedy.

Orblets - orblets are Greedy's main pawns, or foot-soldiers if you like. They consist of five segments: a large head orb, and four smaller orbs acting as the legs. This time they come in one colour (blue). They also have different movement patterns. Some of them just glide above ground, some fly in zigzag pattern, and some are able to perform really impressive jumps.

Some orblets are also able to charge electricity and then release it in the form of an electric barrier enveloping them for a short time. Surprisingly, some of them actually carry a kind of armor that looks like a yellow cap protecting their upper body. However, this helmet does not protect them from Ristar. Their physical strength is now more impressive, even if a heavy object is in some way attached to them, they still can fly without showing any signs of fatigue.

space pirate Space Pirates - These are pretty common minions of Greedy. They look and attack very simularly to adult warrior bipeds from planet Freon. Which brings us to the conclusion, that they may actually be Freonians recruited into Greedy's army. As said before, they attack in similar pattern, only instead of parachute bombs they throw orblets around.

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