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Planet Scorch is the most unstable planet in the Valdi System. Volcanoes constantly erupt and rain fire upon the land. The inhabitants, however, have adapted very well to the constant natural disasters that have ran the planet ragged.

mole Mole-like Creatures - These creatures resembling the moles of Earth are hardly seen.
To avoid the molten fireballs constantly spewed out by volcanoes they burrow deep underground, sometimes with the aid of exoskeleton armor suits. They are very technologically advanced, and machines clutter the landscape.

vulture Vulture-like Species - This species, resembling that of vultures patrol their territory and capture anyone who enters in their strong talons, and then toss their prey into the flames that often spurt from the ground. Could this creature have developed a taste for cooked meat? We can only assume this is the reasoning behind this odd ritual.

flamer Fire-breathing Tops - These quirky characters can't be told from animal or machine. They float around their area and spew a tongue of fire from their large, cavernous mouths. When they flip upside down they can spew tiny fire balls.

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