Planets - 16 Bit // Scorch / Onaclove // Overview

Also called Onaclove, Scorch was once a tropical planet blessed with an everlasting summer.
Now it is a barren superheated wasteland. A volcano factory underground has made the planet's core unstable, which brought numerous inactive volcanoes back to life. The results were catastrophic. The surface above was heated to the extreme, killing all plants and changing the planet to a volcano-covered fireball. Fire exhasted from the factory below and the unstable volcanoes are a constant threat, and you have to watch the sky as well as land on this planet. Inside the factory, bombs, fireball-spewing pipes and enemies are abundant. Orblets even block exhaust pipes, and if you do not remove them in the right order, the pressure will cause a sea of fire to engulf you! This is not a summer holiday!

monkey bar fun hot fire balls
phew! err.. which order was it?!
don't let him push the button! the factory sure is hot!
ohh sharp! heave ho!

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