Planets - 16 Bit // Sonata / Neuos // Bonus

Times are not applicable in the screenshots. No emails saying "I can do that level faster!", please.
These images were taken after a few attempts... Trying to play the game AND press shift + backspace for a clean snapshot is not easy... Especially with a 1 minute time limit.

Bonus Area 1:

Simply make a stairway in the boxes to get high enough to grab the monkey bars! Note: if you hold up and grab when you jump you can land in between the boxes like shown on the first image!

bonus 4-1 pic 1 bonus 4-1 pic 2
bonus 4-1 pic 3

Bonus Area 2:

You have to use the trampolines to safely fly over the spiked ridges and land on the next trampoline and fall through decreasing gaps. Also, one part involves dodging ridges so you can get over the peak!

bonus 4-2 pic 1 bonus 4-2 pic 2
bonus 4-2 pic 3 bonus 4-2 pic 4

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