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Sonata is easily the quirkiest of all the planets in the Valdi System. It's a planet themed of music, and the inhabitants are obviously obsessed with it. With Trumpet Towers, Xylophone Walls and Trampoline Timpanies, it's an interesting place to visit.


Bird-like Species - This species is obviously the dominant one on this planet. They are very varied and diverse, some being big beautiful green birds, others being small brown ones, and some being... rather different (See below). Most of the birds are wonderful singers, singing is mostly 'di's 'du's and 'da's. Others excel in playing musical instruments. Some oddballs actually have no musical ability at all. The Bird-like race is very technologically advanced. From a good viewpoint you can see giant towers and speaker-like structures dotting the landscape.


dancerpompus dancerOperatic Bird - I'm going to be very blunt with you folks; I have no idea what's going on with this one. It looks like an opera singer from the Ride of the Valkyries, that likes practicing ballet with smaller bird dance partners that drop from above it! A very strange inhabitant indeed! She can be of a pompous nature and generally be unsociable.

horn1horn2 Honkyhorn - This is another one of those creatures that can't be told from machine or living thing. It seems like a machine that spews dangerous music notes, but its eyes look suspiciously organic... Its music can be painful, so avoid the flat notes it makes. Some are so frustrated at the flat notes they have a scowl on their faces.

organ Orblet Organ - This is another odd creature. It stays anchored in one spot and spits orblets (See Greedy's Space City ) in one direction. They're very machine-like in behavior, but again, you can never be too sure on Sonata.


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