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Inonis is an intelligent, highly-skilled engineer, scientist and inventor. He can make some impressive bits of technology, but sometimes forgets the weaknesses of his designs! It is not known if he made the technology to brainwash so many across the galaxy, but as the chief engineer he would had helped distribute the Black Orbs! He was seen on Automaton controlling the grabber claw and supplying Uranim with projectiles. He was there working on the Artificial Blackhole technology for Greedy. His most proud creation is his defense robot he pilots, the EyeBar - 555.

The Cycloptic Sentry (unofficial name)
Aiba - 555 [EyeBar - 555] (SMC Japanese players guide)

cycloptic sentry

This war machine has an unbelievable array of weapons and an endless amount of ammunition!
It has a floating shield that deflects any attack, a supercharged blaster that takes a few seconds to power up, a machine gun, it can spit out mines, the tubes on the back can send a stream of electric pulses to fry the enemy and it can fling its tail to send a homing boomerang to follow the target!

The only problem is it was not finished being tested... As a result, there are a few bugs in the design.
The machine is dependent on its eye being in place, now this may not seem much, but it has not got any shock absorbers for the shield, so it gets shaken easily.
This loosens the eye out of place and needs realigning. Also, the recoil from its own weapons can dislodge the eye.
The pulses and blaster seem to drain the power and shake the machine violently!
This flaw lowers the shield for a few seconds, which is bad news for the pilot!



The Space Pirate and Tyrant Greedy, not much is known about him, but he lives up to his name for his thirst for Universe domination! He has a reputation across galaxies, ranging from a powerful wizard to the leader of a alien race bent on stealing technologies and using them for their twisted plans. He is even referred to as Kaiser in some civilizations and is often called The Greedy King Greedy! But the real goal of Greedy is to stop all hapiness and warm feelings. His ideal universe is full of misery and despair! He has even had Inonis research into Artificical Blackholes so he can suck the good feelings from the universe.

A few things are known, he has the ability to teleport and create orblets and explosive Black Orbs at a snap of his fingers! He can generate pulses of energy that he can combine with his teleportation to stealthily attack and remove pests. He even has special gun orbs he uses to greet anyone lucky enough to meet him in person!
Whether he was the creator of the Black Orbs that corrupted so many is to be determined, but he had a major part in the development! Greedy puts high hopes on the Artificial Blackhole and is determined to try its power on anyone foolish enough to oppose him!

Gun Orb

These creatures are made by Greedy with a raise of a hand. They surround the intruder, moving in an irregular pattern, and only stop for a moment to spit a plasma star at any intruder.

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