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Greedy's Space City is a glowing bustling fortress, where the ruler of evil controls everything. The city itself has no animal life, but it is where Greedy's minions are created, so we'll cover them here.

Orblets (Unofficial Name)

Orblets are Greedy's main pawns, or foot-soldiers if you will (although they have no feet, eheheh). They consist of five segments: a large orb head, and four smaller orbs acting as legs.
They come in a variety of colours, but all seem to move or float the same.

blue1 blue3 green2 pinky-purple orange2 red2
blue2 blue4 green1 purple orange1 red1
green3 grey brown

They have the ability to freely float, glide and just scan over the ground, simply by turning. This might be due to magnetic forces produced by the creature to keep it spinning. These creatures have the ability to adapt to the natural surroundings, they can hang from cocoons on trees or use their hovering ability to affect smaller objects in their environment, making a shield of sorts, often out of fire or ice. They often make use as guards by spinning in a tight circle around the object of value they are set to protect. This occurs when they have stolen an thrown object, they will run away and then circle around it.

They have some intelligence too, as they will hide in pipes and ambush an enemy, detonate explosives and throw stones balanced on their heads!
Although these creatures are spawned from the orblet organ on Sonata they are also made in a strange launcher on Scorch, and also made by Greedy himself, they appear out of thin air around him.

Black Orbs (Unofficial Name)

These creatures are actually almost every enemy! They are sent by Greedy to each planet and they adapt to their surroundings and use the enviroment to their advantage. Black Orbs range from Orblets to a giant snake, these creatures are what is sent flying when hit. Even some of the bosses have Black Orbs in them, seemingly possesing them somehow. Black Orbs can seem to have blue and even a green colour in some lights, but all of them are generally the same. Black Orbs that Greedy throws are explosive!
Only three bosses are Black Orb free - Inonis, Uranim and Greedy

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