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Here are the sprite sheets from the game, they can be used in comics, game hacks, even web buttons!
Enjoy. All sheets were ripped and made by Djbrayster unless stated otherwise.
Please give credit where credit is due.

More sheets will be added as they are made.

Some characters are made of repeated parts or their animations are too many to account for.
These sheets have every piece that is used in game and they can be used to make a full sprite.
It may be a bit D.I.Y, but I feel this method will allow you to pose the characters however you want.

MegaDrive Sprites

Boss Sprite Sheets

Riho Ohsat Adahan Awaueck
Itamor Uranim Inonis Greedy

Enemy Sprites

Flora/Neer Undertow/ Leatow Scorch/ Onaclove Sonata/Neuos
Freon/Elykiki Automaton/ Rewope Orblet Sprites -

Miscellaneous Sprites

Singing Birds Ristar Star Handle Big Sprites
Items and Treasure

GameGear Sprites

Riho "insomnis" / Terra Boss Awaueck "Time Hopper" / Timu Boss
Uranim Adahan Inonis Greedy *coming soon*
Enemies and items Ristar
*coming soon*

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