Miscellaneous // Staff Info and Thanks

OK, here is the list of the main people working on this site. And who to contact if have any comments, queries and problems. Praise is always great to receive, but criticism is good too.
Near the bottom of the page are the Links for us and to the sites we recommend or visit.

Web Page Designer/Implementation and Media:

Email: Djbrayster

Please email me first. I am normally online everyday and will reply as soon as I can.
Email for all questions concerning the site. Email me if you have any problems reguarding the site. All emails about broken links etc go to me. I also deal with uploading the content so email me submissions!

Forum Moderator and General site help:

Email: Aurora

She is a big Ristar fan who helps manage the forums & whatever else she is able to contribute to the maintaining and running of the website.
She likes video games especially Pokemon, & loves kittens for some reason. Aurora isn't looking for anyone at the moment sorry boys!

In-game Page Content and Descriptions:

Email: Jay-Kun

Jay-Kun does most of the written content, mostly the Planets' colourful descriptions of the flora and fauna. He also helps with checking the pages for errors and finds the information from the games. The Jap Vs. USA page was a collaboration started by Jay-Kun's comment about Itamor being a cat, that page has a lot of work done by myself and him. Email him if you haven't got a reply from me or if you want to make a friendly comment on the descriptions.

Email: Slade The Raptor

Worked in the later stages of the site's test run and had some very good ideas for the site configuration. He also is good at the 8 bit version. That's good, because I couldn't had coped on my own. He has helped alot with debugging the site, which was very time consuming and is much appreciated! Also has become the first people emailed when Djbrayster was away... oddly enough!!

Researcher and Original Site tester:

Email: DeepBlueVibes (DBV)

DBV worked a lot on the Jap vs. USA page and has also helped in testing the site. He is very good at researching games and found some info me and Jay-Kun missed. He will continue to test the site and help out where he can, and he is a valuable member to the site.



EmeraldGuardian started as a fan artist for the site hence the large ammount of Fan Art, He has a keen interest in animation and is wanting to someday do a Ristar Manga. He has and will have done most the drawn artwork on the site. like the Drunk Inonis on the main page and disclaimer.

Sprite Artwork and Images

Email: Djbrayster

Yup I Ripped all the sprites on the site. and I have shared the sheets I made in the Sprites section. They can be used anywhere aslong as I get a email saying where you are using them etc. Animated Gifs are also made by me!

Thanks to:

Dirtster, Dcom, SSUK, Zeratul013, Camelot, Stoko, BlameMyParents, Luigi Link,
ICEKnight, Reala Nightmaren and Sonic CulT

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