Planets - 16 Bit // Treasures and Bonus Rounds

Throughout the game you may come across different-looking Star Poles. These mysteriously appear on screen in certain areas of each level. Once grabbed, they start to distort the world around you and force you to meteor strike into another dimension!

These dimensional rifts are only stable for about a minute but they can become more unstable if Ristar gets hurt and close even faster! These areas test your skill and reflexes from the normal dimension. Some are a simple case of meteor strike to the top of a tall cavern, or bouncing over spike-encrusted mountain ridges to land safely on the next trampoline!
Once a rimension rift has closed, that area cannot be returned to.

What is the point of these dimensions?
Well, each level barring the boss battles has such special Star Pole, and each pole is linked to a different dimension with its own obstacles.
These obstacles are guarding ancient and long forgotten treasures of the Solar System.
These Treasures hold mysterious letters, and only when enough are collected can the letters be arranged into words.

If word games are not your thing though there is a nice bonus, if you are fast, that is. If you manage to reach and grab the treasure before a lot of time has passed you will get a big score bonus and a free Continue. Which will help in the quest to stop Greedy I'm sure.

And here are these elusive Treasures. Complete with the names that some adventurers miss.

Note: the 2 colours of Pearl Oyster are because the Oyster of the Final Treasures screen collected screen's palette, and the one of the Bonus stage collected underwater palette.

1-1 1-2 2-1 2-2 3-1 3-2
Star Flower Twinkle Apple Pearl Oyster Magical Lamp Fire Blade Flame Cup
4-1 4-2 5-1 5-2 6-1 6-2
Happy Bell Sound Trophy Delicious Ice Snow Crystal Golden Screw Shining Board

The words from Ristar at the end of the game change depending on what you collected. Here is a table of the words and how many treasures it takes for him to say the word.

Word Number of Treasures
Fight!! 0
More!! 1-2
Good!! 3-5
Great!! 6-8
Wonder!! 9-11
Miracle!! (Jap)
Good Job!! (US)

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