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Ohsat was scaring the inhabitants and wreaking havoc and was finally imprisoned after he blocked the water regulator valves. However, he used his hammer-hard head to break free and is now guarding the corks so no one can loosen them. Ohsat can drop a group of floating mines and detonate them at will.
He also has the ability to call for a school of barracuda-like fish to help him to dispatch his enemies. He can use his steel head to knock rubble down from the roof in a frenzy and, being a natural swimmer, he can swiftly dash at his enemies knocking them away with his hard head!


These fish attack in either pairs or small shoals and try to bite anything in their path.
Also imprisoned and assumed to be returning a favor to Ohsat for being released.
They can be called by Ohsat and only follow his orders. Ohsat calls barracudas of two sizes: large barracudas that split their shoal to ambush their prey, and small ones that use their shoal to swarm from one direction.

Floating Mines

These robotic-looking creatures resemble the octopus-like enemy to a degree, but they will only detonate on Ohsat's command. Until then, they use their claw-like legs to stay in position.

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