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Planet Undertow is a world of mystery and wonder. Ancient cities, once bustling societies, now sit under water, slowly eroding away in the ever-moving laps of the waves. This world is inhabited by various ocean dwellers, many of them very unique.

octopus Octopus-like Species - This species resembles the octopus of Earth with one difference - it has very short tentacles. It sits very solemnly, and releases an electric discharge to anything in its territory.

energy fish Energy Fish - This species resembling closely an ocean sunfish from Earth has the ability to spew an ‘energy stun ball’ from its mouth. It moves in a lazy pattern, and will only attack if a possible prey is into an area.

female eel male eel Eel-like Species - This species resembles the Earth species of eel. It hides in seaweed and will spring out and instantly attack anything in the area in a swift manner. There is also a more aggressive eel, which has an angry look and must be treated with extreme caution!

lobster Lobster-like Species - This species resembles that of the Earth lobster. It will jump from its dwelling spot and fire some type of energy from its claws at intruders.

flying fish Flying Fish-type Species - This species resembles the flying fish of Earth. It will jump from the water to capture possible prey, and often gets beached because of it. They travel in small schools, usually in groups of 8-10.

sea horse Seahorse-type Species - This species, resembling a seahorse, is very mysterious. It is mass-produced by some kind of ancient machine, and they all seem to carry the same mind. If the machine is destroyed, they all die. If they are caught out of water, they will dry, harden, and lie dormant until they are once again plunged into the water. It is unknown how long they can lie dormant for.

frog bitter natured frog Frog-type Species - This species resembles the Earth frog. They act similar to the Seahorse-type creatures in the mass production phase. They will spit globlettes of red acid to attack. Certain machines produce frogs of a bitter nature, these seem to be due to a fault in the manufacturing process.

starfishStarfish - These bottom-dwellers are harmless if encountered in water, but if they are out of the water, they will latch onto anything that touches them to try to get back.
If they do not get back into water, they dry out and explode!
Once latched on, they reduce the jump height of the carrier. They can only be removed by two methods: being shaken off by grabbing a wall or enemy, or getting into some water.

shell squids Shell Squids- When they are born, these squids hold a soft shell upon their heads. As they grow, the shell grows bigger and harder and eventually anchors the squid to the floor. This is when it will give birth, had it have been fertilized sometime earlier. The mother will only come from it’s shell if it’s children are attacked. Its shell has a mechanism that will fire spiked balls at enemies.

Spiked Coral - This coral is very sharp, so touching it can be painful. It collects in large groups, so be careful with the ever-changing tides of Undertow, you wouldn't want to be forced onto a bunch of these organisms!

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